Carnivora Vegan Friendly Capsules to Reduce Fatigue


Strengthen and Support Your Immune System (100 Capsules).

Low energy, fatigue, heart condition, low immune system.

Knock the Bad Cells Out
Carnivora Vegi-Caps are designed to balance and strengthen your immune system. It selectively responds to abnormal cells before they take you down. Carnivora helps defend against sickness and disease, helping your body function at its best.

A 100% pure extract from the Venus Fly Trap. No fillers, no preservatives, not even diluted with water. Imitation products that contain “venus fly trap juice” are just not as potent as ours.

Contains 17 multi-dimensional nutrients in their natural state working synergistically to support the natural healing process
Selectively responds to abnormal cells only. No harm to a single normal cell
Powerful antioxidant support for heart and cell growth function
Famously used by President Ronald Reagan when he had it shipped to the White House in 1985
Boost energy, reduce fatigue, and supercharge your immune system with Carnivora Vegi-Caps. Each bottle contains 100 capsules. Recommended dose 1-3 capsules per dose, 3x daily.

Flush The Bad Cells Away
Carnivora Lymph Drainage is a liquid supplement that works like magic by purging all those dead cells and extra waste out of your lymphatic system. It’s a great follow-up to Carnivora Vegi-Caps to keep your health at an optimum level.

All-natural, no chemicals, no fillers. gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, and non-toxic. None of the bad stuff, ALL of the best stuff in every drop.

  • PROMOTES A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM: Carnivora can help Destroy Toxins In Your Body, Boost Health and Wellness, Increase Energy Levels, Reduce Fatigue, Improve Mental Clarity, Maintain Your White Blood Cells, Improve Heart Health, and Supercharge Your Immune System
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT SUPPORT: Get powerful antioxidant support for heart and cell growth function. Selectively targets and eliminates abnormal cells and waste products, called “free radicals”, in your body without harm to a single normal cell.
  • ALL-NATURAL SUPPLEMENT: 100% Pure Derivative of Whole Plant Venus Fly Trap. Contains 17 multi-dimensional nutrients, naturally occurring in the plant, working together to support the body’s natural healing process.
  • FREE FROM: Magnesium Stearate, Salt, Gluten, Yeast, Sugar, Soya, Starch, Lactose, Peanut, Corn, Artificial Coloring, and Preservatives
  • GET HEALTHY, STAY HEALTHY: Good health is our top priority. Feel better, stronger, and live life to the fullest with Carnivora. Safe for Vegetarians, Vegans, Diabetics, Lactose-Free, and Gluten Free diets. Non-toxic to Humans and Animals. Recommended Dose: 1-3 Capsules Per Dose, 3x Daily





Ingredient Type

Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Vegan

Unit Count

100.00 Count

Item Form



Low energy, fatigue, heart condition, low immune system



100% Pure Derivative of Whole Plant Venus Fly Trap



To boost and maintain a healthy immune system, take 1-3 capsules 3x daily



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