ELON Lanolin-Rich Nail Conditioner


A nail conditioner that naturally rebuilds nails that split, peel, and crack.

  • Hydrates dry nails
  • Repairs cracks
  • Soothes cuticles
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ELON Lanolin-Rich Nail Conditioner nourishes and repairs dry, damaged nails.
ELON Lanolin-Rich Nail Conditioner is a gentle nail conditioner that helps to repair and hydrate damaged nails, including peeling, flaking, cracking nails, and irritated and weak cuticles. It’s formulated with a variety of ingredients to nourish and condition the nail area, including oxyquinoline to strengthen the cuticle, lanolin working as an emollient to draw moisture to the area and promotes regrowth, and beeswax to lock in moisture and balance nail health. This nail conditioner helps nails to regrow naturally and promotes strong, healthy nails and cuticles.

Why DermWarehouse Loves Lanolin-Rich Conditioner:
This nail treatment is perfect for those who suffer from dry, cracked nails and cuticles, whether that’s from nail damage, medical conditions, or the weather. It has minimal ingredients and focuses strictly on hydrating and repairing the nail and cuticle area by promoting natural growth and sealing in moisture. It’s dermatologist-recommended and can be used on all nails and skin types.

What are the benefits of lanolin?
Lanolin has been shown to reduce moisture loss by 20 to 30 percent, promoting hydration and repair of typically dry areas like your nails.




Jar 7.5 Gram, Tube 10 Gram


Best for those with dry, cracked nails


  • Rebuilds nails naturally that split, peel, and crack
  • Moisturizes cuticles


  • Severe Problem Nails: Remove nail polish. Apply 4 times daily. (More if desired)
  • Massage into the entire nail, cuticle, and matrix area (the skin area behind the cuticle where new nails form)
  • Nails will begin to grow faster in 2-3 weeks. Continue using it for at least 16 weeks for optimal results
  • Mild Problem Nails: Apply 2-4 times daily. (More if desired)
  • Follow the directions above. Once nails are at the desired strength and health, follow the maintenance below
  • Maintaining Healthy Nails: Apply once daily
  • If using nail polish, be sure to rub the nail conditioner into the cuticles and matrix area
  • This will help the cuticle and aid new nail growth


Lanolin, Petrolatum, Beeswax, Sodium Borate, Oxyquinoline, Aromatics


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